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Technical Data

ASTM by Description
B 16 Free-Cutting Brass Rod, Bar and Shapes
B 36 Sheet/Plate
B 43 Seamless Red Brass Pipe
B 68 Seamless Copper Tube, Bright Annealed
B 75 Seamless Copper Tube
B 88 Seamless Copper Water Tube
B 111 Copper and Copper-Alloy Seamless Condenser Tubes
B 135 Seamless Brass Tube
B 251 Wrought Seamless Copper/Copper-Alloy Tube
B 455 Copper-Zinc-Lead Alloy Extruded Shapes
CDA by Description
CDA-101 Copper — Oxygen Free Electronic
CDA-102 Copper — Oxygen Free
CDA-103 Copper — Oxygen Free
CDA-110 Copper — Electrolytic Tough Pitch
CDA-122 Copper — Phosphorus Deoxidized, High Residual Phosphorus
CDA-220 Copper Alloy — Commerical Bronze, 90%
CDA-230 Copper Alloy — Red Brass, 85%
CDA-260 Copper Alloy — Cartridge Brass, 70%
CDA-268 Copper Alloy — Yellow Brass, 66%
CDA-272/274 Copper Alloy — Yellow Brass, 63%
CDA-280 Copper Alloy — Muntz Metal, 60%
CDA-314 Copper Alloy — Leaded Commerical Bronze
CDA-316 Copper Alloy — Leaded Commerical Bronze, Nickel Bearing
CDA-330 Copper Alloy — Low Leaded Brass Tube
CDA-332 Copper Alloy — High Leaded Brass Tube
CDA-335 Copper Alloy — Low Leaded Brass
CDA-353 Copper Alloy — High Leaded Brass, 62%
CDA-360 Copper Alloy — Free Cutting Brass
CDA-365 Copper Alloy — Leaded Muntz Metal
CDA-385 Copper Alloy — Architectural Bronze
CDA-443 Copper Alloy — Admiralty
CDA-464 Copper Alloy — Naval Brass
CDA-655 Copper Alloy — Silicon Bronze
CDA-706 Copper Alloy — 10% Copper Nickel
CDA-715 Copper Alloy — 30% Copper Nickel
CDA-740 Copper Alloy — 10% Nickel
CDA-752 Copper Alloy — 18% Nickel
MSDS Sheet
Technical Data: Equivalents
MSDS Sheet Length & Weight Equivalents
Decimal & Metric Equivalents
Density of Popular Metals
Round Seamless Tube Weight Formulas
Shapes – Rect. & Square Tube Color Matching & Mechanical/Chemical Finishes
Appearance Changes from Weathering


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